name plate necklace : Personalized Custom Name Necklace Double Nameplate Acrylic board Made Any Name Dazzling and Stunning



name plate necklace : Personalized Custom Name Necklace Double Nameplate Acrylic board Made Any Name Dazzling and Stunning

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manzhen name necklacemanzhen name necklace

Why name necklaces have become popular

Name necklaces are not a trend. Their popularity started in the 80s, signified by urban culture. The goal was to express everyone’s most unique identifier: their own name.

We have been seeing a resurgence of name necklaces in recent years. many people have been spotted wearing personalized name necklaces.

Name necklaces have a retro flair. But the name necklaces today are more dazzling and creative.

With improved jewelry making technology, there are more name necklace options. You can change the font, you have different material options, and other customization preferences.

Creating name jewelry today is also easier now compared to previous years. All the buyer needs to do is enter their name or the name of a loved one into the order form. From here, jewelers use state-of-the-art equipment to engrave the name in the metal.


manzhen necklacemanzhen necklace

Choose the right name style

Most of the name necklaces on the market are cut the metal and engrave your name using the chosen font. Jewelers will then craft and polish the metal Add other decorations such as hearts or butterflies.

For our necklace, you can choose the material of copper or stainless steel, electroplated in one color, or plated in two colors. You can choose the pattern style that we provide, or you can design your own. Bring customization into full play.

Compared with the flat and smooth name, we can engrave patterns on the name to make the necklace more delicate.



Glitter is an assortment of small, reflective particles that come in a variety of shapes and colors. Glitter particles reflect light at different angles, causing the surface to sparkle or shimmer. Glitter is similar to confetti, sparkles, or sequins, but somewhat smaller.



Compared to Glitter, Pure is simpler, nothing more special, just a solid acrylic panel for those who don’t like complexity!



A surface capable of reflecting sufficient undiffused light to form an image of an object placed in front of it.



having the property of transmitting light without appreciable scattering so that name are seen clearly

3 different chain types are available

manzhen name necklace

manzhen name necklace

manzhen name necklace

manzhen name necklace

manzhen necklace name

manzhen necklace name

Anchor Chain

Anchor Chain jewelry design is inspired from the design of the industrial chain routinely used to hoist anchors on large freighters & small boats. The name of this chain design stems from its close resemblance to a ship’s chain holding the anchor.

It is a popular choice for crafting jewelry accessories like necklaces and bracelets. This classic and well-recognized design is immediately visualized by people whenever they think about a chain.

Stud-Link Chains: This variety of chain is an assembly of interconnected oval or circular links arranged alternatively in horizontal and vertical orientation. Each link is bisected by a bar or “stud” in the center.

Simplicity of design make these Chains among the strongest of jewelry chain designs. Straightforward and handsome, this chain can be worn by either men or women and comes in different gauges widths and lengths.

Figaro Chain

The Figaro Chain displays a recurring design of three short links followed by a longer link.

The Figaro chain is a fashionable version of the curb chain. It uses the curb chain style of flattened links.

The Figaro chain provides a trendy alternative to chains with the usual uniformly sized links. The visual break provided by the long link makes it less flashy and more suitable for masculine chains. They work well for those who prefer an elegant understated look.

Figaro chains are very versatile and are crafted into bracelets, necklaces, anklets and even some ring designs. As they are beautiful on their own, they are also worn as an everyday accessories.

The unique 3 + 1 link arrangement that characterizes the Figaro Chain makes it an evergreen piece of jewelry that should be a part of every collection.

Curb Chain

The Curb Chain (also known as the cuban chain) is crafted out of oval links. It is a series of interconnected links that are twisted so they lay flat. Each link is twisted at an angle of 85 to 90 degrees & flattened with a diamond cut. Successive links are interlocked accurately in such a way that they lie flat (as if ironed down) against their neighboring links.The links are wider as compared to their thickness. The chain is designed to mold to the contours of the skin and to gently hug your skin in a comfort fit.

Simple and uncomplicated, such an attitude to life is a state of mind. promote this person’s wisdom and taste
Unique tiny name necklace perfect birthday bridesmaind gift for women mother,wife,daughter, sister, friend, niece, girlfriend,classmates¡­
Perfect gift: Personalized necklace is a perfect gift for women on Mother’s Day, Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Birthday, Anniversary.
Perfect Customer Service: If the initial letter necklace has any quality issue or you have any concern about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us at first time. We aim to provide the best after-service.

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